"It is a saga that could be...but we pray will not!"

An Anna & Hugh Masterson International Mystery

by Internationally acclaimed author and political satirist G. Hugh Bodell

Given  that Iran is again being precluded from manufacturing their own Nuclear Warheads for their ballistic missile the Shahab-3, this work of speculative fiction becomes  less speculative.
Add to this, the deteriorating relationship the US has with Russia and Putin and one could conclude the speculation is becoming a telling of the future.
This book is based upon the REALITY that Russia has warehoused the 7,400 Nuclear Warheads removed from their Scud-1 missile when they were retired.
The Iranian Shahab-3 is built on the design of the Russian Scud-1
....and the nuke warheads stored in Russia fit easily with minor adjustments!

The Deal
Iran is negotiating to purchase 4,000 nuclear warheads compatible with the Iranian shahab-3 ballistic missile

The Seller
a former soviet general now the head of the Russian federation technological and nuclear oversight bureau

The Cover
provided by the United Nations Secretary General and the President of the United States

The Price
$100 Billion

The Middleman
A Russian villain who has accumulated $40 Billion by corrupting United Nations Officials for over 40 years and now has the President of the United States in his pocket

Waiting To Pick Up The Overstock
North Korea
, Syria, Bangladesh and Venezuela

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